Coca-Cola Greater China Headquarter

AVIVA-COFCO LIFE INSURANCE CO,.LTD. is a joint venture between China's Cofco Capital Investment Co., Ltd. and Aviva Group. It was officially opened on January 1, 2003. Zhongying Life always adheres to the concept of financial stability and standardized management. After years of strategic layout, its business has expanded to more than 90 key cities in 17 provinces and cities, including Guangdong, Beijing, Sichuan, Fujian, Xiamen, etc. The company ranks the first echelon of foreign investment in terms of size and profit.

in AVIVA COFCO Life Insurance, the company has extended the corporate vision of "Care in Every Home" to the office space. It is a great honor for us to participate in AVIVA COFCO Life Insurance to plan furniture supporting services with warm, loving, flexible and concise office scene planning based on caring for employees.The executive decision-making space is equipped with the star products of Europe and the United States, Win and Eddy. The intelligent lifting configuration added by the product takes high-end material and exquisite technology as the carrier to realize the alternation of sitting and standing and healthy office. The simple and comfortable Kandy Cady sofa makes the whole space calm and atmospheric, providing a healthier and more pleasant office experience for the managers of Aviva Cofco Life Insurance. Discussion and rest after work are often indispensable for employees. From the perspective of environment and psychology, communication, discussion and rest in a spacious and colorful space is often more effective than sitting in a boring office chair.